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William West

The program offered by Dr J is simply amazing. I have suffered with digestive issues for nearly 10 years . The results for me have been nothing short of amazing !! My advice would be to not wait any longer ! Get here !!

Charles Bowman

When I first visited Dr. Krystosik, I was in terrible shape. My blood sugar levels were over 700, and I was close to falling into a diabetic coma. Dr. J worked with me by developing a food plan that helped stabilize my blood sugar. I took a blood test that established foods that were harming my body. Following that plan has resulted in losing over 35 lbs., and maintaining a blood sugar closer to normal around 140. Dr. K. saved my life

Linda Cernjul

Dr Krystosik is the most knowledgeable integrative, holistic physician in all of greater Cleveland/Akron area and surrounding states. And when distance is a concern, he also did phone consultations. If you have any gut issues, auto immune disease or a compromised immune system, don’t hesitate to seek his professional guidance and instruction for healing the body naturally. Dr Krystosik has helped me tremendously. I have seen several other holistic physicians and know for fact, he is by far the best

Nicholas Grismer

Dr. J transformed my life! I went from not being able to function and live a normal life as a 16 year old boy to being a healthy thriving young man! I was in and out of hospitals and on multiple medications. Not only did I gain my health back and get off all medications through his diagnostic testing, regimented eating and check-ups, for the past 6 years I’ve been getting stronger day in and day out

Jacquelene Walborn

Dr. Krystosik is the best. He always makes time to call when I have a problem, gets me into the office on short notice, and has healed me naturally without harmful medications. Dr. J changed my life and I don't know what I would do without him!